On 9/15/2015 a coworker and I were watching the live georgia lottery drawing on his phone during mid day. The drew the cash 3 numbers then it was time to draw the cash 4 numbers . The first ball was 3 the second ball was 7 the thurd ball was 3 and the last ball was 7 . That is my friends number . He said I just won $400 . Then they threw a 5th number , a ball poppped up with nine on it. We looked at each other as to say what just happened ? Why would they throw five numbers in cash four. Then the scene flashed off and it came back with all the winning numbers on the screen from cash 3 , 4 and georgia 5. Insted of 3737 like the numbers came up they said it was 3739. We both were in shock at what just had happened. We both sent emails to the georgia lottgery for an explanation. We werte told that they reviewed the tape and the numbers were 3739 and that we must have looked away while the numbers were being drawn. How can they say we must have looked away ? They are saying both of us

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