Complaint: This truthful report is being written under the First Ammendment – Free Speech. Internet Reviews are upheld by the United States Supreme Court as Free Speech under the Bill of Rights. When I lived in Georgia, I had the bad luck of meeting a dentist named John Crumpton. I put my trust in this dentist for dental work. I am a senior citizen who does NOT have dental insurance. This dentist injured me by pulling a good tooth, he knew I did not want pulled. He eventually caused me to travel to Yucatan, Mexico to have fixed bridge work done to repair the damage he caused. Cost me over $ 3,500 in fees, travel and a 30 day stay at a boarding house there. Before that, I tried to get this dentist – Crumpton – to pay for the damage he caused. He failed to reply to my letters. I complained about him to the State Dental Board, but that complaint was not taken seriously. I tried to get the dentist to give me the name and contact information of his insurance company, but he failed to reply. I found out the insurance company, Cincinnati Financial and tried to make a claim for damages, but they did not take my claim seriously and refused to pay me any damages. I filed some negative reviews online. This is when the dentist, Crumpton – hired this attorney – Gerald Bruce. What I did I was in my legal rights to do so. However, this lawyer filed STALKING CHARGES AGAINST ME. This was done without cause nor proof of anything. This Gerald Bruce got some Good Old Boy Judge to file a Restraining Order Against me. He was trying to put me in jail for 10 years – all without any evidence whatsoever. I never approached this dentist after he failed to respond to my letters. I do not even know where he lives. Also, I do not drive a car, so how can I be Stalking him? One must understand that Georgia is a Good Old Boy State. Justice is only for those who are part of the Good Old Boy System. Outsiders are treated badly and often fail to win in the Enotah – Ninth Circuit Courts – or most courts in Georgia – for that matter. I had to spend $1,500 to hire a lawyer to defend myself! This is ashame because it is this dentist who should be the one to defend himself. Anyway, this lawyer, Gerald W. Bruce made up false Stalking Charges Against me – saying things that were not true and with no evidence to prove such charges. My own lawyer threatened to sue the dentist and put him on the stand, so a judge and jury could hear the harm he did to me. My lawyer got the false charges dropped and the case dismissed. As part of the dismissal, I was instructed to remove any negative reviews on this dentist. I guess this lawyer, Gerald Bruce does not believe in Free Speech and does not respect the United States Supreme Court in their decision to uphold these rights. I am glad that this site does Not remove reviews. I have remained silent for a long time, and no longer live in Georgia. This horrible experience cost me $1,500 legal expensese and $3,500 to travel to Mexico to repair the damage caused to me by the dentist. All I wanted was for this dentist to contact his insurance, and pay for repairing the damage he did to my teeth. I was Not going for pain and suffering. I wanted justice, but got charged as a Criminal, but the corrupt Georgia Justice system. This should not happen to anyone. I am now telling my truthful story. Signed, A Believer in the Right of Free Speech.

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