Complaint: In late 2015, I signed up for their 3 month free trial. They were just starting as a company and looking to get a foothold. The owners were local and it was an effort to promote local business. After the first month, I could see that the services were absolutely useless. So I went through their cancellation policy which was to email them and say I wanted to cancel. The owneru2019s son, Tyler, told me the system had not been working properly when my credit card information was given and no credit card information was saved for anyone so nobody would ever be charged even if they didnu2019t officially cancel like I did. Cancellation officially put in September of 2015. Fast forward to March of 2017, and I have a charge on my credit card for $82.95. I immediately emailed them about this. Two days later I receive a response and was told my account was not actually cancelled, my credit card information had actually been saved, and the charge was in error. I was refunded after supplying proof I had cancelled. And told this would not happen again. Fast forward to March of 2018 and I am charged again. This time $292.95. I have filed charges now with my credit card company for a fraudulent transaction, am cancelling my card, and have reported them to the BBB. GetAssist is a dishonest, lying, fraudulent company that should be shut down.

Tags: Internet Services

Address: 59-4511 Glenmore Trail SE Calgary, Alberta Canada


Phone: 403-281-8893