On Jan. 27, 2019 I placed an order online for Keto BHB Capsules, 60 capsules. The website called them fat melting supplements. For a trial bottle it cost $4.97. I had a charge to my CC for $4.97 on Jan. 27, 2019. I never received any items from this company. On Thursday, Feb 13, 2020, I got charged $96.74 for this bottle. On my bank statement on Feb. 14, 2020, the amount showed up as being taken out of my account. I called the number listed on my statement. I called at 4:30 pm, eastern time. I first spoke with Jacob Downy, I asked him what the charge was for and he told me the Keto capsules. I told him I never received any capsules. He told me that the product was delivered on Jan. 30, 2019. After a lot of back and forth, the company had the wrong address. So I told him not to send me another bottle, to cancel the order and refund me the total amount of $96.74. He said the best that he could do was to give me a 50% refund. I told him no, I wanted the full refund. I asked to speak with a manager over and over again. He finally put me on hold and said he would see if he could find a manager. We got disconnected. I called back on another number, the one listed on the email I received on Jan. 27, 2019, saying the order was confirmed for $4.97. And they would be shipping the item within 5 days. I never received any item or further communication with them, until the withdrawal of $96.74 on my bank statement on Feb. 14, 2020. The second person was Suzanne. Went thru the whole explanation again. She said she could cancel all the future shipments, which she did. I repeatedly said I wanted to speak with someone that could authorize the full refund. She put me on hold and I got disconnected. The 3rd person, John, we went thru the whole explanation again. He at least changed my shipping address to my correct address, but again insisted he could not authorize a full refund. He told me someone will call me back to discuss the full refund between 24 and 48 hours. I never received any product and I want a full refund.