Complaint: I hired David to wire my new construction home that’s 4100 sq ft. He was a bit more in price and talked like he knew what he was doing so I decided to hire him. He showed up the first day telling me he was going to wire the whole house by himself in the 2 week deadline to stay on schedule. Of course I have concern… 2 weeks are done but he isnt. He says he will finish over the weekend. I come back Monday, not done, come back Tuesday and not done. Multiple times he said he was and in fact he wasn’t. We fired him the following day knowing his work was wired wrong. So I hired new electricians and they had to rewire 80% of the house!! Wires were hanging freely in the crawl space everywhere and could have been a fire hazard, he used the wrong electrical boxes inside and outside, boxes weren’t to code, spacing was not even, he forgot things. And to top it all off he wanted $10,000 for his work that was wrong!! We ended up paying this guy $7,000 just to not deal with lawyers and the head ache of court. Do not hire this man! He is arrogant and a thief!!

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Address: Greenville , South Carolina USA


Phone: 864.404.9348