My husband received a call from Getaway Travels telling him about the great deal- for only $196 the two of us could go on cruise after we chose two separate dates. The deal sounded too good to be true but we thought, since the dates were arranged the way they were that the trip could be legititmate so he paid the money. We thought it could be one of those “fill the boat”” situations and that is why we had to choose dates sixty days apart. The details made just enough sense that we went against our better judgement. When we finally sent an email with our two dates

there was never a response. My husband tried to call but the number given no longer exsisted. After a little research

we found the only information about Getaway Travel was concerning their scams. We would like our money back

to ensure Getaway is stopped and get the word out about this scam.”

PO Box 756 North Aurora, Illinois USA