After finding out that the free trial wasnt free, I had been taken for 50 bucks, not allot of money but enough to piss me off. They sent me a cancelation form which I filled out and had to mail back to them. There terms of service agreement said that they keep 9.95 for some reason….????Thats fine I want my 40 bucks back..I have sent them 2 e mails asking where my money is and I have received no response. The time frame is quite exstensive.. nThey have the info now they wont give me my money I cant beleive in the nation we live in that a scam like this can happen to thousands of people. It is a sad day in america when people can just take what they want from others, But I guess this is the american way. LAZY NO GOOD A$$HOLES. They also signed me up for blockbuster online which was another 14.99. Thankfully the people at blockbuster online had the money in my account that they had taken in under a day……Thanks Blockbuster Online.DO NOT SIGN UP FOR GET FLICS… nJnMissoula, MontanaU.S.A.

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