My Complaint: On October 16, 2014 I filed a complaint with the FTC and disclosed the issue on this site. I made copies of the complaints and emailed them to the agents at Get My Computer Working Now. At that time, there was no response.

In January, I received a phone call from “Andrew,” an employee of the firm. Andrew was concerned about a letter the company received in the mail as a direct result of my complaint. At that point, they were willing to discuss a refund and negotiate a settlement amount for the unmitigated hell I experienced. In summary, on January 21, 2015, the Company refunded my money in-full and paid “restitution” of a $1,000.00 in the form of a cashier’s check. In exchange, I agreed to contact ScamGuard and note the Company’s good-faith promise and delivery of that promise.

The Company did, in fact, follow through with its promise. My concern is that there is a complaint listed here following my complaint in October. There are also numerous complaints listed under the other name/email they use in conducting business. This does not appear to be an “isolated misunderstanding,” however the Company will hopefully be motivated to rethink its future strategy?..


My Demand: Full Refund ($560) Plus Restitution ($1,000)