Complaint: I contacted Tammy from Arizona by email at which is known as the Ecig. She sent me the starter kit which took a long time to get to me. One cartridge is supposed to last a long time well got about 5 to 6 puffs out of it and that was it I told her and she said its just the starter kit which only came with about 5 buds in it. Well that didn’t even last a couple of days. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and thought well ya maybe it is just the starter kit just showing you how it works. She told me to call her back on a certain date which was only a couple of days away and she would process my order (which I thought was weird since I told her I was already out and go ahead and process my order now) why call on a certain date. Well she processed my order on sept. 30, 2010 and I didn’t get my order till about three weeks later. I recieved two cartridge packages that were not sealed, open, with lent and dirt in them and wreaked like cigarettes horribly. You could see inside of the filter where the foiled had been removed and replaced and a round circle inside where the ecig had been pushed inside. They where not all the same color. Some of them were darker in color. I have tried for several days to contact Tammy but she will not take my call nor return it. I have left emails on her website and still no reply. The products she sends are not the products that are on her website. These people are frauds. I have seen many websites online saying how horrible they are and have the same story as I do and how they rip everyone off. No one knows who these people are and can not get a hold of them. They are scamers.

Tags: Sales People

Address: E2 Distribution P.O. Box 3040 Chandler, Arizona United States of America


Phone: 877-731-9991