Complaint: We sold our house in Riverside, and since we decided to live close to my work, we decided to purchase a 2001 32’5th wheel Recreational vehicle, and without doing our math and trusting blindfoldly in these thieves, we purchased the RV from them for $40,000, this after we put the $4,600 down. And months later we decided to trade in the RV for a much longer one (40′), but for our surprise the kbb value of it was $25,000, we could’nt believe it! We felt like we were living a nightmare from which we wanted to wake up from. I tell you do you wanna know where to find thieves dressed as “good people””? RV Giant is one of them

Tags: RV Dealers

Address: So please becareful and we need help as in what to do with this RV

Website: 1300 E san Antonio Dr. Colton, California U.S.A.

Phone: we don’t wanna pay for something thats killing us financially