Complaint: This company is committing fraud.They sell discounted gift cards with less value than you pay for it. I purchased a discounted gift card for $275.13 with face value of $319.92. The actual value on the gift card was $12.10. They have kept my money and I am not so sure I will even get the refund on my order. Scam – Fraud is their business, buyers beware this company is bad news. Stay far away from this company, I cannot believe they can stay in business doing this to customers. I did not read these reviews before, and I paid for this. Customers service agents are a joke, manager does not call you back. I expected a supervisor out there to make this right, I was waiting on hold for a manager for over 15 minutes than I was told I could not hold any more!?No company should operate this way.

Tags: Scammed for Gift Cards

Address: P.O. Box 980816 West Sacramento, California United States


Phone: 888-967-0008