Complaint: I have worked for Gil Ramirez Sr. and Gil Jr., Since day one it was weird for an employer to say we need to collect this information from you and not put you into a system for any type of training and claim that we will get paid for everything we do. We were to be paid 7.25/hr for training and 2.15/hr for work. They claim they hold the first pay check like any other job. In actually; your working for the first month for free. I get reports from other employees stating that they never got their check till bout 3rd pay period cycle. When they finally got their checks they are missing any where from 10 to 40 hours missing from their checks. Payday is on Friday and they hand out checks on Monday. You were even lucky if you have gotten a check. When it came down to the point where I was terminated for being late to work. They only gave me a check because it was a day before pay day and did not pay me for 1 week that was the middle of a pay period they owed me. It is going on a week now and I have been trying to get my last check. They claim there is no money there and I don’t have proof of my hours. They also refuse to contact me back on this issue and act like if nothing has ever happened. Since I have been gone, My ex co workers have been telling me that the checks that they are getting have been bouncing. SO, if you plan to work for them, chances are; IT MAY HAPPEN TO YOU.

Tags: Restaurants

Address: 9906 Gulf Fwy Houston, Texas United States of America


Phone: (713) 987-7300