I have been with my husband 16 yrs. Married 13. We have five children together and I thought we had the perfect marriage. Trusted him very much. Never in a million years thought he would stray. || It all started back in August of 2013. He started a new job an hour away from home. We were going through some financial problems so there was that strain. He was a little off but didn’t think anything of it since we were having a few problems. In October we planned a weekend of horseback riding with friends. I went down that Friday morning with a girlfriend to haul all the horses down and our husbands meeting us later that evening at camp. We had an amazing weekend or so I thought. Got back home and things got worse as I thought that weekend really helped. He was being all off. Not coming to bed, not wanting to cuddle on the couch and putting his arms around me as he always does. I would ask what was up he would say he hates his job or I’m stressed and just tired. Then eventually he started telling me when I asked what was wrong that he wanted to do his own thing for a while.. I was floored. So I was spending a lot of time in the woods (hunting) while he was at work. Would text him with no response when I knew he had his phone on him. I got to the point I couldn’t even relax while in the woods. I sat one evening (November) while in my hunting blind tears streaming and just praying to god to let me know what’s going wrong in my marriage. What was I doing wrong? So later that evening after dark and home I got a text on my phone saying our data on our phones was at 96%. So I go online to check and see which one of my boys was using so much and for some reason I look at my husbands phone records. Calls and text all while I’m trying to talk to him and texting him with no response to this number I have no idea who’s number it is. They were getting in trouble that day at work too for all the text. So later I text it from his phone and say I need to talk.. I threw my ring at him that night.. || Eventually I find out its a skank from work. They been texting and talking since before our weekend trip. They kissed that Friday( back in October) I was down at camp waiting for him. They were talking dirty about our sex life (supposedly) to each other. Apparently her boyfriend beats her and when he wants sex he just takes what he wants. She’s never made love so she wanted my husband to explain to her what it’s like to make love (supposedly) to me.. He told me there was a couple other guys she messed with at work before him. One guy even went as far as saying when he seen my husband talking with her that she’s looking for a meal ticket for her kids..”Supposedly” they were just friends and he was someone for her to talk to and so was she for him about problems.. Ok first of all they kissed which friends don’t do. . I still don’t buy her BS sob story that her boyfriend (Bo) who’s she’s been with for like 7 yrs and has kids with beats her. My husband still tells me they were just friends nothing else happened. Although he admits he screwed up. Hmmm || So my husband has since quit his job there because there was no way I would even consider trying to work things out with them still working together.(yeah stupid me) my biggest flaw is loving him too much. He did tell me a lot of things about how she’s always doing drugs and no way could pass a piss test. She takes warm fake pee in for piss test. She’s been fired from her old job for something she supposedly had to go to court over. She used to live in Fort Wayne at one time and New York at one time.. Something about she’s been in the hood so you don’t want to mess with her.. I’m far from worried about her so called”hood”. Hood or no hood this nasty needs to be set in her place and not be going after married men. Mine wasn’t the first and I’m hoping after this it won’t be the last. My husband and I been through hell and back since this happened. I still don’t trust him. || I just hope this helps others know how she truly is and wives if your husband works with this nasty tramp watch out. I can name at least two other guys at the same workplace before my husband so definitely not just a one time thing.. And (removed) I pity you for having to deal with this skank. That’s if you even ever knew she was a skanky whore. She told me you knew my husband and her were talking. So if she’s wondering why he beats her this very well could be a reason why. Not that anyone deserves it but I definitely don’t feel sorry for her because what I would like to do to her is so much worse than the beating her boyfriend supposedly gives her.. She just better be glad my husband kept me from coming to his place of work the day he quit. || I’ve included a pic of her I found because the one she sent I no longer can find. She had dirty blonde hair back in November. She was a dispatcher for a company called (removed) out of Indianapolis.. || Gina may your life be filled with the same hell you put my family through and then some… You don’t deserve the air you breath..