My washing machine was under warranty from Whirlpool. It started making a noise and I called the Whirlpool warranty company and they sent a rep. from Ginno’s Kitchen and Appliance. nThe gentleman who arrived stated my machine needed a new transmission and coupler. He left to order and obtain the new transmission and called me back in approx. two-three days to say he had the new transmission and was ready to install transmission and coupler. nHe changed my transmission and coupler, gathered up his stuff, put my old transmission in his van and basically cleaned up. He also assured me the machine had been checked and was ready to go. nAfter he had gone I put in an average load of clothes and started the machine as I’ve done for several years. Prior to putting in the first load I noticed the tub inside the machine was 6-8 in. deep with water, which I found to be odd that he would only test the machine up to that point and not complete the cycle. nNever the less I spun the water out and started the fresh load. It was at that time during the agitation cycle that I noticed loud knocking, clicking, and banging coming out of the inside of the machine. I called back to Ginno’s immediately and talked to the dispatcher. She asked me what was that terrible noise in the back ground that she could hardly hear me. I said to her that noise is the reason I’m calling you the operation was a failure something is definetly gone wrong here, I was standing no less than twenty feet from the machine at the time. nWhen the smell of burning rubber started I stopped the machine completely and demanded the service man come back and fix the problem. Come back he did, a week later and made every moronic, insulting, ridiculous, and unbelievable excuses that what I was hearing was completely normal for a new transmission, that it would take a few days just to get used to it and he left. nI called Ginno’s Kitchen and Appliance back the very next day and demanded that this machine get the new transmission that I was entitled to, that my warranty company had purchased for me, that should have been brand new. nInstead Ginno’s contacted my warranty company and told them I needed a second new transmission and coupler. It was at that time my warranty company contacted me to tell me that they were going to cancel me and adhere to a point in their contract which allows them to cancel my ongoing warranty service in lieu of 25% off a new Whirlpool machine. nNot a bad deal if I were not on a fixed income with a disability and was not struggling to make ends meet. Not a bad deal if my machine was so destroyed that it would be cheaper for me to buy a new one but my machine simply had an arrant noise coming out of it, now it sounds like any wash I do is the final one. nThanks to Ginno’s and their greedy, selfish, thieving ways I will never be able to purchase a new washer in the short time period the warranty company gave me in order to be able to utilize the 25% discount. Thanks to Ginno’s I lost a valid warranty on what’s been basically a good machine, the warranty was not expired until September 2009 at which time I would have had an opportunity to renew but now I cannot and soon will have no machine at all. nThank you. nJohnnOroville, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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