On sat the 26th we found a deliver under my husband name we called the company told them to cancelled any futher orders because we never aprove them wether they did i dont know.i was told theyre fraud department was going to contact me on monday they havent still every time i called customer services is crue less or they transffered me and im in hold for ever . | some one stole my husband name and order from this company ginny. the amount was for $884.68 a billo thats under my husband maned. | call cutomer service to freeze the accounts and futher shipment, i dont know if they really did or not. there department of fraud suposed to call till this day they havent, is like they dont care. | i made a police report for unsual/suspicouis incident on sat the 26 of september.now i have the name of the other person attached to the other that used my husband name because there where to split order. | ill be pressing charges agaisnt this person and the company. the company for not doing there

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