We provided service of process for his firm almost a year ago. They only owe 195.00 but our monthly late notices have gone unanswered and we have left at least 10 messages on their phone. No one ever answers the phone as I am sure he screens his calls this way. In my 18 years in this business they are the most unprofessional, fly by night firm we have ever had the displeasure to do business with. I am sure they will be out of business soon. | We are in the process of filing complaints with NY State and Local Bar Associations for non-payment and seperate complaints for unprofessional conduct for not answering calls and ignoring 10 late notices. We are also going to contact his client. If he has been paid in full for our services rendered and has not paid us, I sure that this maybe considered theft. We are also writing to the Judge on this case and asking that and final order and/or judgment be set aside until we are paid. With the amount of complaints you have against you, and the poor way you run your business, you should be DISBARED !

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