Complaint: Giuseppe Macario is the person who runs the website or at least I managed to contact him last year and he was still in charge, honestly I am not sure if Giuseppe Macario is still the owner but I suppose so. The problem with is that it’s getting very difficult to be eligible for a free consultation. So if you are lucky enough to be selected, yes you will get a document for free in order to cheat Turnitin’s website but the document must be short. You have to pay if you want to have a long essay protected to bypass Turnitin. I understand that Turnitin reps were using the website too to monitor the strategies that Giuseppe Macario used to beat the Turnitin plagiarism checker and find out useful information, I agree these people had to go away but now few students manage to use the service and it’s not as useful as it used to be. On top of that, I uploaded a .doc file, the Master thesis had more than 300 pages if I remember correctly, but I got a reply after a couple of days saying I had to pay thousands of dollars because the essay was too long. So the website should be clearer: if you send long theses, you must pay. It seems to me it doesn’t say that. Also I desperately need to talk to Giuseppe Macario as soon as possible otherwise I will fail the course; unfortunately, if you reply to the automatic response the email will be discarded. Basically it’s a “take it or leave it”” mechanism

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