Our business was mailed a letter offering free advertising on the yellow pages. In June, I received another letter asking if anything had changed and if it had not to sign and mail back. A few weeks later I received an invoice stating that i had to pay $361.90 for that advertising service agreement I had signed. They returned a copy of what I had signed but the letter looked different. It initially had just asked if any changes had been made and the one they mailed back was an actual agreement. Then I realized the business was the national yellow pages instead of the yellow pages. So I contacted yellowpages customer service and thus they verified I owed them nothing. That it was a known issue that many companies would act like them to scam small business owners like me. I googled the company and their were hundreds if not thousands of complaints of people that had been scammed by the same people. Now I won’t stop receiving calls from the collection agencies asking me to pay this company for something I was suppose to be receiving for free.