They sent me the wrong shoe size in one pair of shoes and the other pair was completely the wrong shoe altogether! When I emailed the owner (there was no number) she did not answer for three days so I emailed her again and waited two days. After that I emailed her and said in the email that I was going to report them to the better business bureau if she did not give me the refund and she said that she’s not listed with the better business bureau and that it’s not her fault that I did not get the right shoe color. I then emailed her the link to the shoe that I ordered on her website and she just said that they closed down the store and that that’s all they had so that’s what I got. What the hell kind of crap is that I paid $40 + tax for some cheap $10 shoes that I was not expecting to get – I mean I even bought a purse from her (in the same order) to match the shoes that I never got!!! WTF??? nFightbacknSan Antonio, TexasU.S.A.

1110 Hilltop Ln #204 Toledo, Ohio U.S.A.

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