Glamzelle seems like a legit e-commerce website, but they are not reliable. I found a product I really liked on their website for a reasonable price and I ended up buying their product. I did my research on their website and looked up reviews and I saw nothing but positive things except they take a long time to ship their products, which wasn’t that big of a deal. It seemed like a friendly and interactive boutique that sold unique products. They have an email address you can reach them at if you have any questions and they say they will respond within 48 hours. Four weeks have passed and I have not received my package and I was able to check on its status and it said it was being prepared. When it ordered it they said all packages will be shipped within 7-25 days, well it hasn’t been shipped or anything. For the past two weeks it says the product is being backordered to a certain date and then I looked the following week and it said it was being backordered another week. After a while I found out that product they were selling was fake. They have the brand name of the company that makes the product and put it on the description, but I contacted the company who makes them and they said that Glamzelle was selling fakes. So Glamzelle is selling fake products when they are putting the brand name on the description. Since my product still hasn’t been shipped I emailed them asking if they could cancel my order and I have yet to get a response from them. Even though their website says they respond within 48 hours they haven’t responded and its been four days passed. It is very frustrating to deal with and there is no way to contact them besides email and they don’t respond. I hope this helps other consumers in the future, beware of Glamzelle, looks are deceiving.

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