Well I was told to go talk to a lady named Glenda about yard services she was advertising to the public she had a young man on foot telling people they could get you a job and that she cut and raked people’s yard she said she would pay me out of her pocket to rake someone’s yard when I asked her did she have a license and was this a legit business because I like business paycheck stub’s not out of pocket money because their business could be scamming the IRS she quickly called me a ***** told me not to call her again so I looked up and got information about the address of 201 N circle dr in texarkana texas says this address uses fake idenities I spoke with an lady that said her name was glenda but my information says an elderly lady between the age of 55 to 64 named Carol Kimberly Dougherty was pulling identity scams via ill-legit business ran from her home.