They claim to be a pocket beagle breeder shipper. Dani Pocket beagles. Once you pay for the dog they say shipping is free. Then, you get an email from GAC saying they need an "updated" create to ship the dog to you. Another $580 or $995 as a "deposit" you’ll get back. There are no dogs. The minute I found out this was a scam, they blocked all contact with me. The tracking page has two other names on it Vickie H and Mike H. I have contacted them through Facebook and warned them.I attached the email below.Steve and Susie Forsyth,You are welcome to the GACS COURIER SERVICE, We wish to inform you that we are unable to proceed with the delivery of your puppy for safety reasons. Your puppy has been held by the Pets Control department in collaboration with the Pets Transportation Security Administration(P.T.S.A) here for not using the adequate or proper crate for transportation contrary to the law protecting Animal Safety.Right now, we are facing some problems to transport your puppy as a result of the bad weather so we have decided to Adopt a well heated/ventilated AIR CONDITIONAL PETS TRAVEL CRATE so that it could always moderate the temperature of your puppy while on transit .Below are some reasons why your puppy needs a crate .(1.) A Crate should Include safe toys to occupy the puppy, keeping in mind he will be unsupervised so choose your toy wisely. NO RAWHIDE’S please!( He is choking hazards and I NEVER gave him – supervised or not)2.) A Crate will need to be big enough for your puppy to stand in without touching head on top and have the ability to turn all the way around comfortably.3.) Airlines have temperature requirements – especially important for pug nosed breeds such as Poodle ,pugs, Bostons, pekingese,English Bulldogs Yorkie ,Huskies etc , Normally , nothing is shipped when it’s over 85 degrees or below 25 degrees but with the adoption of the well heated modern temperature stabilizer crate, This puppy will be shipped . … The crate which your puppy were registered here with was a dilapidated wooden crate that never had a temperature regulator system.AN AUTO REGULATORY CRATES(1)BELOW ARE THE VARIOUS CRATES WE HAVE AND WHAT YOU NEED TO DO.CRATE APRICE…………………$950CRATE BPRICE…………..$580Rental for an electronic anti pressure crate will cost you either $950 (FIRST CLASS CRATE PLUS VACCINES) or $580 .But you have to make your choice from the list of crates since we have just 2 crates available and this money is FULLY REFUNDABLE upon safe delivery of your puppy . This serves only as a guarantee in case of any damages during the delivery process. So you have these options to choose from and do let us know which one you prefer.Contact your sender now!You can know the status of your puppy by clicking on this