I was looking for an entry level job on Craigslist because I don’t possess a lot of work experience and I came across an entry level job as a Distribution Manager being offered by Global Company in New York . The position of a Distribution Manager consists of receiving packages and shipping the package received to its rightful owner ; this position is home based and requires you to work for Global Company for a month before you get paid . Supposedly you get paid $1775 at the end of the month and you receive a 25 % bonus if you ship the package within 12 hours because it’s a prepaid label and after your first paycheck your supposed to get paid weekly $2660 from the bonus . So , I emailed them at Global Company and within 3-5 days they called me back and this number came up on my call log (631)729-1599 . So , I answered my phone to be greeted by the HR Manager , Pavlina Kolar . We talked for about an hour about the job and their requirements and I was excited about the position so I accepted the job and gave them my email address and said my goodbye’s and hung up . Immediately I received an online contract from Global company I read it , signed it and sent a picture of my identification card so they knew who I am and verified my address . I received another email sent from them thanking me for verifying my information and on the email they said the packages should come to my residence within a week .So , I waited patiently for the packages to start coming which was like for 5 days when a package finally came to my residence at 4:29 with the name of who I’m supposed to send it to . When the UPS driver informed me that usually stuff like this is a scam and that I should contact your company to see if the " company " I’m working for actually exists . So , I looked up the name of the company with no luck ; so I looked their name up including their phone number and again no luck . So , I tried a third time with their name and state and again nothing . So , I’m wondering if this is even true and if not , who did I give my information to ? Please investigate this .. I would love to know if this is a scam or fraud . Thank you .