After going to a presentation at one of their local offices( Illinois ) we were presented with a presentation on a Vacation Club. It sounded reasonable but we already owned a timeshare. After the sales rep tried to sell us the club they of course lowered the price and brought over a manager. When telling them we had a timeshare we went into managers office and he said that they would direct us to this company that could sell our timeshare for at least what the club would cost and it would be four to six months. We thought if the timeshare would be sold it was a good deal. So we bought and they gave us the name of the company that would list the timeshare. We called them and they charged $299.00 which we paid because we again were told the timeshare would sell in four to six months. That was all contracted at the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. As of today the timeshare is still listed along with other timeshares where we own. I contacted States Attorney in Kansas but they said they could not help sincew it was a contract and we would need a private attorney to move forward.

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