I was called June 21/2019 American consumer collections, spoke with mark jones.(805-980-7362) he said a lab I had in April 2018 had gone to collection. they claimed they sent multiple notices, last one supposedly 3/3//2019.i never received any notice.he said I owed $377.59 and if I paid it that day it would be $300.00.If I didn’t pay that day they would contact credit bureau and interest would start. I foolishly paid with debit card .Iasked for copy of bill.never came.i.called insurance co. they had never received a claim.they said by law they are required send copy of bill cancelled my debit card bank took money back.got another call saying was now $489.62 and growing if they took this to judgement they always win 89% of time.foolishly pd it again but reported it to bank as a scam.they promised to send copy of bill certified mail ,that was7/29/19. never came.The bank is investigating this now.i never experienced anything like this before.They use scare tactics threatening to report to credit bureau,more interest .