Complaint: Like the prior reports, a person purporting to be a Dr. Richard Ashton from the U.K. presented himself by phone and email as buying a home and asked for legal assistance in reviewing the documents and disbursing funds. Our introduction came through a local real estate agent, also a victim of the scam. “Richard Ashton”” mailed a cashier’s check for us to deposit and disburse for the home purchase and other miscellaneous items (including approx. $200

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Address: 000 to furniture purchase to be wired to an account at Chiba Bank). Luckily our bank informed us that cashier’s checks drawn on foreign banks take 4 to 6 weeks to clear. After informing “”Richard Ashton”” of that fact

Website: or had we gone ahead with the transaction

Phone: he ceased all further communication. This person appears to be using a UK business address of a Richard J. Ashton. The assistant for Richard J. Ashton informed us that they have received numerous attorney letters addressed to Dr. Richard Ashton