Invested in Global Homes & Properties Ltd 1.5 years ago (under the name of HPL Global), a student accomodation – E & O Residence, Leiceseter. When the project was due to complete was told that they had problem with the land and advise to switch to another project with Daniel Johns (name of property investment company). After months of negotiation, HPLs’ replies were either half answered or not answered at all including avoid specific questions. I am disappointed and fustrated with them. Would like to found out who are the rest of the investors and take legal action against Global Homes & Properites Ltd. In additional to seek advise as to which UK authority I can approach to shut down HPL Global site who are still maketing the E & O Residence when knowing the project will not be completed.

64 Knightsbridge, London, SW1X 7JF london, United Kingdom