We spent $1500 on 2 purebred Maine coon kittens. The scammer, Sade Web, asked for payment through cashapp, then western union, and then transfer to their Bank of America account. We paid their bank. Now, the wife says we need to pay insurance for them to travel, an additional $2500.00 through global pet express.Global Pet Express is a scam. They told us to pay the sellers the fee because we didn’t have a Global pet Express in our state. We refused, and told the sellers they should pay, as they never told us about these additional fees. The sellers said they put $1000.00 toward it, and wanted us to pay the additional $1500.00. Global Pet Express then told us to send it Western Union to them. We refused. The sellers wife told us she would refund the money, but they were out delivering kittens. Each day, she would say this and it wouldn’t happen. She then told us her and her husband were in an accident and he was unconscious and would I please have a heart, as she was worried about her husband and these kittens were in limbo at the agency (Global Pet Express). When I contacted her the next day, she said her husband had died. I contacted Global Pet Express via chat, as they have the IPATA logo on their website and I asked for member info so I could ensure this wasn’t a scam. No response. When I asked how the seller was so quickly able to get the $1000.00 to them via Western Union, no response (it usually takes up to 30 min to approve) and they apparently received it instantly. When I called Global Pet Express, I got a small engine repair shop in another state.