Please if any one reads this my name is Albert Arillotta this man (TED) has a vengeance against me for no good reason, this guy had a bad marriage himself, you can ask his wife MRS CAPADILUPO she will tell you how bad he is that he doesn’t even pay his child support payments he is nuts and what I understand this guy is angry that he lost everything to his wife. the wife says he is a bad person so please the story you are reading was fabricated by this man he spends his whole day thinking how to badger me you can ask his partner BEAU MACI AND HIS WIFE. Ted Capadilupo, is a big drinker, as well as having a big mouth. I have presented not 1 check to any lenders, as well I have not hurt one single sole like Capadilupo says the question is why is this guy strangely out to hurt me.

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