Complaint: I worked for this guy for about a year from 2016 to 2017. During that time he was always late with payments and finally got so far behind that he just quit paying. (Owes over 9300 bucks). He even bounced the last check payment. The places he contracted with were 5 guys pizza, WACHTER.COM. What this guy did was very wrong and because of his non payment, i am now homeless and credit is ruined. I am interested in hearing from others who jave been ripped off by this jerk, as i want to do a class action suit against him and also report him to I.R.S. and California labor board for classifying me as a sub contractor instead of an employee. PLEASE CONTACT ME so we can stop this idiot from ripping off others and hopefully get some kind of payment.

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Address: One greentree center Marlton, New Jersey United States