BIGGEST TRAVEL SCAM PROBABLY EVER–includes letter description AND more info at the bottomnWhat the letter looks like (see below because it could look different) nFront of letter: nTop left corner: “Division of Revenue Department of Funding””. Next to that it said “”Bailout”” and then “”Form 2009″” nBottom Left corner: (in all caps) “”Warning the penalty for obstructing or interfering with the delivery of this letter is a fine of $2

000 and up to 5 years imprisonment.”” (I guess this is to make the company seem more legitimate and related to the government.”” nOn the side: (with arrows in all caps) “”To open-fold and tear off sides at perforation”” nThen when you tear sides and open letter you see this message:n “”US AIRLINESn Congratulations Yournamehere nOur Promotional Department has scheduled you to receive TWO ROUND TRIP AIRLINE TICKETS TO ANY MAJOR INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT ANYWHERE IN THE CONTINENTAL USA. To claim this special gift

simply call 1-800-462-9808 Flights Fill Quickly. First to Call

First to Fly. nReservation # randomnumberhere n*Our records also indicate if you respond within 72 hours you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY 3 day/2 night BONUS vacation getaway.”” nThen attached to that message is a (in all caps): “”Travel Itinerary Sample””non the back of this “”Travel Itinerary Sample”” it says “”*Some restrictions apply. Call for details of participation”” under the address of the “”travel provider”” of Global Vacation. nIf you received something like this

DON’T CALL THE 1800 NUMBER. I don’t have personal experience of having called the number