We went to this presentation with real interest and wanted to gain some knowledge. The gifts were secondary. Jason presented the program and again we were interested. We got into the back with Stacy and she could not answer any questions we had. She kept yelling RANDY. I guess he was in charge. Extremely rude, we lost interest pretty fast. We told them we were not interested 12 differant ways before he went to register us for our gifts for coming. Thirty minutes later we told them they could keep there gifts, because we were leaving. They basically through a letter at us to mail in for our gifts. I am going to mail it in, but not holding my breathe. I figure they owe me and my wife three hours of our life back.nThis company is high presure sales and unless you become rude back will not let up. Things they are “you are just here for the gifts”” They side step questions or call a superviser to talk in circles. You have to decide “”Right Now”” when you walk out the opportunity to join goes with you.”

Grand Rapids, Michigan United States of America

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