Travel agency, working closely with Simply Great Gifts, both scams. DO NOT ATTEND SEMINARS!!! Complete waste of time, high-pressured and disrespectful sales. Men and women who look like greasy used car salespeople, horrible attitudes, obviously disgruntled and unpleasant who get angry if you say no to anything, give you these vouchers for a trip and ipad which aren’t good for anything. I’ve called more than a dozen times (it’s now been almost 6 months after we attended seminar) to global vacations, leaving messages with receptionist named Zanetta who says she sends out emails to Simply Great Gifts to have i-pad sent, never a call-back as promised. Continuous calls to SGG, speaking w/ manager Michelle who says it takes a month to deliver once the order goes through system and if you don’t receive it then to call back. Now same # disconnected and GVs mailbox full for last week, unable to call during daytime and not picking up at night (after 5pm)

Cleveland, Ohio USA

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