After reading as many of these posts as possible, I attended last evenings presentation. My wife came along, as we looked at it as entertainment. It is possible Global knew something was up because we were 30 years younger than any other couple attending. Nonetheless, I have sent for my free gifts and will see how I am treated. If things go the way it is reported here, I plan on forming an alliance to fight back. I was encouraged by enough people already, that forming a group will not be difficult. I think speaking to my local news paper(PPG), working on an internet site, and considering a few other ideas that I have in mind are a good start. However, if Global follows through on their promises, I will report that as well. I am curious to see if this “too good to be true

“” or if one company actually stands behind their word. *I did find it funny that some of the responses from Global employees or “”happy customers”” were almost

word for word

the same speech we heard last night.”

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