Complaint: is the worst email provider I have had the experience with in 20 years of using online email. They just blatantly deleted my account after 2 weeks while I only had send 2-3 test emails to verify it working. After 5 emails complaining about this to even their press office they still refuses to even tell me why it has been deleted… can not be trusted at all, stay away from this company at all cost ! I expected so much more from a company based in Germany and I will send complaint about them to the official German government agencies that has to do with user rights as. A Important company running infra structure can not be run this way and they need to be shut down or get their act together…. This happned after just 2 weeks of making an account with them for use with crypto mining for use as transaction verification, they simply deleted my account without warning or anything. At that time I had only used it 2 or 3 times sending and reciving emails to myself to verify that it would indeed function properly. I did this before I gave it that important task of functioning as my transaction email that require 100% uptime as if it goes down I loose a lot of money as it is impossible to change the email and all the money will be lost forever. When I descovered that I could not log on anymore I tried to send a email to myself and then saw that the email account had indeed been deleted, the worst thing that could happen had happened…. I sent immidately (2 weeks ago) email using another account I made at asking why it had been deleted and explained them that I needed to get it back up running or I would loose money. Only reply I get is that security department have shut blocked the email and they refuse to tell why. That same messeage I get every time I complain that security has reviewed it and they refuse to tell why they have shut it down and why they will not re open it. I have asked to get a phone number or email so I can speak with the security department directly but I only get the same answer that security have blocked the email after reviewing and will not tell me why…. I can only conclude by the basis of this that is not a email provider that is safe to use as they block accounts on a whim and refuses to even tell why. I will now have to go to court and demand from official German court to make them re open the account and also reveal why they closed it in the first place… I will never ever use anymore myself and I am loosing a lot of money because of this company…

Tags: Email & Phone Scam

Address: Germany