ZERO stars! These guys are the worst! If you want to get ripped off this is your place! Purchased a vehicle beginning of August 2015. We made a deal on the car, shook on it and then they came back-we needed to pay $500 cash more-in return they would detail the car and I could pick up the next day they assured me it would be ready by noon. | My husband and I both took half a day and met at the dealership at 2:30pm they told us the car was ready and had been detailed-it had not been touched it was still filthy. They wanted to “do a good job” so they would bring the car to us-we live in Front Royal which is an hour away but they said no problem and they would give me a call. | The next day at 1pm still no phone call and I had to take that day off of work as we had traded in my car, they said Mo the salesman who sold me the car would call me back, 2 pm called again-same thing Mo would call and confirm directions-4:30pm still no call. My husband called and they told him they were leaving at 6pm and would be at our home at 7pm. At 8:40pm that evening Mo called with an excuse and said he was on the way-bottom line he didn’t arrive until 10:40pm-he drove MY vehicle over 2 hours-told me had gotten lost and several times claimed to be there in 10 minutes. | The next day the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came on. The following day the a/c on the passenger side went out. They also did NOT give us the warranty that they said we were getting. They would not return any phone calls and told my husband that we could bring the car back and take our piece of s**t car back that they had done the trade-in on. This was Robbie the manager who said this. | On Monday I went into the dealership and they talked to them-they took the car to check it out. They charged the ac and reset the service engine light which they claimed came on because of the ac. They also gave me the new warranty and told me to wait 24 hours for the change to process. On my way home-the SERVICE ENGINE SOON light came back on. | I took the car to a mechanic who performed the diagnostic-which I paid for as the warranty stated that I need too. I called the warranty company which is CAR PLUS—horrible as well do not use-they will do whatever they have to to get out of paying to fix the car. After taking all my information including what the claim was for-I need to replace the crankcase vent and all the hoses and parts along with it-$700 in repairs and labor. CARS PLUS tells me they never received the contract from GN Auto-therefore a warranty does not exist and I will need to fix the car myself before they will warranty the vehicel-I also paid $1000 extra for the full warranty. I called GN Auto-told them what CARS PLUS said and they oh hang on-I will call you back in 2 minutes—-hours later-phone calls later-no one has called back in fact they have avoided my calls-ROBBIE the manager. DO NOT USE THESE SLIMEY SORRY EXCUSE OF A HUMAN!

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