Upfront fee and charge whithout my consent


My Complaint: They charge $29 for an application also $1,800 upfront fee without explanation fully. I checked this company on line, found to be Fraud and Scam. I sent a cancellation email to Mike but he blocked my email. I sent it to Derick Miller who emailed me my file transferred to “Lender Placement Department”. How could they transfer my file I did not send what they ask for. Also “Microbilt” checked my credit on Experian without my consent in the mean time. I got to call 3 credit bureau to report ID theft. I called my card company does not pay this company because it is scam and fraud. Now my card company investigates this case, If any company ask money upfront must be a scammer. I checked with BBB.org, Ripoffreport.com, and Scamguard.com. So many complaints, bad reviews and unresolved. They said it is a Scammer. They used to use “Biz2capital.com“. You should aware those two names.


My Demand: Retuen Full Amount