Complaint: I had my roof done 7 years roof is leaking in front portion of the house.i didn’t kmow where exactly it was coming from. I assumed it was leaking from the wall or the window. So I panicked and called one of those restoration contractors. Contractor came by and saw tge leaks. By then I pulled the carpet so we could ser how much damage was there. We both agreed it’s been leaking for some period of times. There were blackolds, old and water stains, water stains on plywood subfloor. Contractor asked me if I’m going to use my home insurance. He told me yhat insurance don’t cover roof dsmages. After hearing him, I just remembered that I had my roof done 7 years I called cedarex. The owner came by and saw what was wrong with it. Right away he apologized saying some of it was his fault. He told me that he will redesign theffront part of my house so it won’t leak again. He said because of the leak, he normally would charge $5000.00, but he will charge $3500.00. I asked him about my interior carpets, drywalls, insulations, vapour barriers, mold issues. …he saud he can’t help me with my interior. He just told me to get a fan and air dry it..I thouht to myself , this guy ia crazy. Its probably leaking since day one and because it was leaking from behind the wall, pretty sure there are mold issues. The next day, my mind was clear and I just got shafted. I have a document from cedarex by gold standard that there is a 10 year warranty on workmanship and also on leakage on roofs. I had a third party involved. An inspection from an engineering from roofing contractors’ association of b.c.the inspector stated that rubber membrane wasn’t installed properly and we also cut a hole in yhe ceiling and saw water coming down from outside of the roof. I have this document saying the leak was caused by poor workmanship. I also have a video of it. this us a straight warranty work with his liability insurance covering my inside of the hiuse. If you are not willing to fix your work, what is this warranty good for? I left many messages to cedarex but I would get no response. Right now, I have to get a different roofer and I have to pay for it. and I have to fix inside of my home too and sue him at court. Can any one help me the best way to deal with crooked roofer?…

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