This company say I were approved for a loan and I had to pay a COR fee of 1,000 dollars and I ask them to take it out of the loan and they say they could not. I did end up paying the money and they came back and told me to pay 500 for insurance so I end up paying that then I get this text on face book the other day *****..i hacked into the original ****** ******* facebook acocunt in which i used in scamming you. But i will hackout just now.. Thats when golden capital services agents can get your messagesI was a former agent at golden capital services in which i was sacked because of Mr ******.. So i just repaid him back now all the can say is they are very sorry and this is all it should be and everything should be ok but no one gave me my money back at all so I just what to let everyone know what is what and look out for them and any one else