Complaint: Randy Rosa, Goldman & Rosa Extort money for removal of mugshots. They require $250 per file, regardless of case disposition. We urge ALL that see this to file a report and DEFINITELY report Goldman Rosa PA to the Florida Bar Association. The site owners for are: Daniel & Kim Landolfi* 8068 ROSE MARIE CIRCLE BOYNTON BEACH FL 33472 (yes, this is the Kim from Kimmy corp and about 24 other ‘front’ corps to hide their scams) See for full details and an actual court document signed by a resident at the Landolfi house (brother Gerald) an admission of committing FRAUD. And their kid was a tea-party candidate with aspirations of defrauding the entire congressional district, we can only assume. Mugshot extortion is what Goldman & Rosa do with their time, so I suggest finding a more focused law firm for your legitimate legal needs.

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