Complaint: Mike Cherwanka, the former stripper, *now supposedly saved christian man who attempts to trick investors out of there money, via there earnest funds. Normally when sending earnest funds I forward them to a legitimate title company or the wholesalors attorney to be held in escrow until closing(never to the wholesaler directly.) but Mr Cherwanka was very insistent that I *Wire him the $5000 earnest funds asap!, I was skeptical but was very interested in the properties he was offering, so I prepared to send him the earnest funds. But after sleeping on it decided it didnt make good business sense to send him the earnest funds directly when he could easily have his attorney or his title company receive the funds. He than preceded to threaten me with sending out a mass email to his investor list to avoid doing business with me if i did not wire the funds(to use his words? have me black listed. After 2 emails contain these types of threats, I decided to no longer communicate with him directly but through his attorney. I advised his attorney that I no longer felt comfortable with Mr Cherwanka or his deals, and that I would not be wiring him any cash directly. For all I know he made good on his word and sent out an email blast, but at this point I could careless, I thankfully saved myself from losing a potential $5000. To all of you looking for wholesale deals and Not only should you avoid Mr Mike Cherwanka like the plague, avoid any individual requiring you to wire funds directly to there personal account to consimate any sort of business deals. Sincerely Andy

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