Complaint: David Delke Esau Delke Gold Square Studious david @ goldsquarestudios (dot) com Phone: 904-999-8388 Jacksonville Florida Skype: Freelancer handle: goldsquarestudios David Delke aka Esau Delke is the owner of Gold Square Studios in Jacksonville Florida. Iu2019ve had an app in development with someone else who for personal reasons had to take a break from developing it. I wanted it to continue along so I hired David to complete the task. The API was already done and about 80% of the app was complete as well. We spoke on the phone. He assured me that heu2019s done numerous apps that were similar to mine before and how simple it would be to finish my app. In fact he said he wanted to start it over from scratch. I paid him a deposit via Wells Fargo deposit and he quoted me 10 days to finish. Time goes by and he starts having poor communication. I had to keep calling him to find out what the problem is. He claimed to have API issues. Thankfully the previous dev was helpful enough to help him with what to do to get it working. After a month he finally sent me a test version of the app that was horrible looking. It was very basic. Worse off than the code I had already gave him to finish the original app with. It was clear to me that he either does not know what heu2019s doing or he outsourced my app to someone else who was also clueless. I kept having to call him and poke at him for an update. He was originally supposed to keep whatever code he wrote up to date and never did that. I had to beg him for my code. 2 and a half months in he sends me code that was barley developed. I kept asking if he knows what heu2019s doing, and if not Iu2019ll take my business elsewhere. He kept stringing me along ever day saying heu2019ll send something tomorrow. Tomorrow would come and it would be the same story over and over until I had enough. I asked for a partial refund back and he simply said he doesnu2019t do refunds and when heu2019s done he wants the rest of the money upon completion. The app was nowhere near completion based upon what he showed me and I told him I would be a fool to pay you any more money going forward. All in all it was a waste of my money. A 10day quote for something simple resulted in wasted time, no app, no refund, poor communication, poor business decisions, no remorse, no apology, nothing! Heu2019s a terrible business man and a poser. He will talk a big talk over the phone and not have the skills to back it up. Heu2019s a shitty developer at best if even. One of the apps he showed me as an example was actually an app that some other company claims to have done. Compared to the previous developer, he isnu2019t up to date on simple languages and doesnu2019t know up from down. Above all his communication is the worst. He shouldnu2019t be running a business. Has no people skills, and didnu2019t even care to make things right. Didnu2019t care when I told him Iu2019d report him to the BBB or write him up on scammer sites. I would avoid him at all costs. Part of his script is that heu2019s USA based and is on the same timezone as USA based people so itu2019s a plus. He tries to discourage you from using overseas developers and talks a big talk. I wish I had the patience to wait for my old developer because going with David made everything worse and cost me money he refuses to even partially refund. Heu2019s a waste of time and money. STAY FAR AWAY!

Tags: Programmers

Address: 9951 Atlantic Blvd Jacksonville, Florida USA


Phone: 904-999-8388