Justin ******* of this place charged me $455 cash for a used L.E.D. headlight and side marker light that he said would only take 2 or 3 days to arrive. I should have known not to trust this guy because him and his female friend both looked to be on something when I stopped in to pre-pay, but I was trying to give them an opportunity to EARN a profit. Big Mistake. I’m now taking this guy to court because its been over a month and he still hasn’t provided the lights that I paid for, and he went from refusing to refund my money, to now just out right hanging up on me when I call to inquire what’s going on. If you just look this guy’s record up online you will see he has done this over and over again to other people as well. I can’t understand why he isn’t in jail. My recommendation is to not do business with him, but if you stumble upon this page because he is jerking you around, go straight to the magistrate and file a civil complaint against him, and let the district attorney know as well. Maybe if enough of us complain we can get something done FINALLY. Better late than never I guess.