This week the color for discount is orange. There was a card table at the store located in virginia beach on rosemont road. The card table was marked 25.75 on an orange tag. This was yesterday. I got my truck and went back to get it because it was a nicec table for just north of 12$ When I got there the price was now on a blue tag for $100.25! Thats a $75 hike on a second hand item which had defects. Where do these employees get off being as rude as they are and uncaring to then take items into the back and raise the prices on them after they have already been on the floor. I witnessed myself 2 employees taking items from the floor into the backroom having the prices raised and then putting them back out! This is downright unethical. This is a frickin charity and they are charging closeout store prices for stuff they dont pay a penny for. I will be petitioning against this store as this is the 11th time this has occurred. I have nothing better to do with my time and feel like everyone should now how bad they are geting ripped off from this place. Dont buy from here go to the dav and support the vets or to chkd and support the kids. When we shop at goodwill we are paying money to get america back to work. Well if thats the case then we are litterly paying these people to raise the prices on us. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you

rosemont road virginia beach, Virginia United States of America

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