Was browsing online for recipes when suddenly my computer locked. Had a message that Google was locked down due to a firewall breach and I should call the listed phone number for Google Chrome Support.A man with an Indian accent answered the phone and I try to inquire who he worked for. Of course, he explained that his company was hired by Windows to provide technical assistance and protect users from malicious files.He instructed me to go to certain places on my computer and type things, eventually took over my computer. He said he found several malicious files that needed to be cleaned out. He offered to get a technician on the job of fixing my computer. I asked what the cost was, and he gave $150 cost for one thing and $149.99 for the second part.I told him that I did not have $300 to pay for computer repairs today, he then asked what I could afford to pay and he would discuss with his supervisor. At that point, I hung up the phone and used task manager on my computer to get him out of my computer, and then Google was no longer locked up either.My phone rang shortly after that, but I did not answer. Then it rang again and I did not answer again.