I purchased a Maxtore 200gb drive from them. After 3-4 days of the drive acting funny (not reading correctly), I downloaded “PowerMax Utility”” made by Maxtor to see if the drive was bad. This utility came back with 2 errors one being Read Verify Command Failure. On contacting Googlegear

their Customer Service Rep (Bill x242)said I had two options: n1. To Pay 15% restocking fee for a refund. n2. To wait 8 business days (after I ship the drive back to them) then wait for them to ship the drive back to me. nI explained that this was bad since the product sent to me was defective and I paid for 2 day shipping to begin with since I need use of the drive right now. There response was “”this was the way all companies work””

I explained that I run a company and we don’t work this way. When I asked to speak to a supervisor

I was given the story of she is in a meeting. So I gave my number and then I asked when she (Fatima) would call back. Bill said he does not know. Then he said “”As I said before… and repeated 1 & 2 above. At this point I was mad and hung up before I started yelling. nI then contacted Maxtor and they backed their product by sending me another drive immediatley and asking me to send the bad drive back to them once I receive their drive. nFinal note

stay away from Googlegear