The store sold us diamond engagement ring set which does not worth the amount we paid for ($6000). The appraiser values the set at $500. We bought the ring set on 3/29/2007. We thought that purchasing it with Gordon’s was a safe/smart choice since it is a famous old company that has been around since 1905 plus they gave us lifetime warranty. We had never been told by the salesperson that the diamond had an imperfection on the date of sale. The salesperson kept saying we got a very great deal and the diamond will appraise in the years to come. We had never been offered to review the diamond under the microscope for knowing what we were buying into. No GIA certificate has been offered either. Just over the past weekend, I told my fiance let’s see what the ring set worth these days as we thought of selling them. We then went to a local jeweler to have it appraised. Guess what, the ring set is only valued at $500 and less! The appraiser told us that there is a big crack on the left side of the diamond. Due to the location of that crack, it hurts the value of the diamond a whole lot! The price should have been $500 or less. Again, we did not know any better, or else, we would not have bought the ring set from them. The other thing is that Gordon’s never educated us about buying diamonds as for being fair and honest to the consumers. We honestly didn’t know what we were buying into.

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