The HR memo to All Employees with Travelocity logo came through my work fax. This memo was about the LIMITED TIME ONLY All Inclusive discounted vacation packages. The contacted number was 844-895-7936. The representative sounded very courteous, extremely polite with excellent customer service skills and native English. He introduced himself as “James Hood”” and graciously gave me his private office line (844- 859-2101) where he could be easily reached and said that he only has only two packages left to Nassau Bahamas. He refused to accept my American Express

brought his apologes by sayting that unfortunately his company accepts only Master or Visa. I trusted him myself and my Visa card. I thanked him from my heart and quickly booked very expensive Jetblue flight tickets to accommodate the “”LIMITED TIME ONLY ALL INCLUSIVE VACATION PACKAGE””. I waited about an hour for my vacation package confirmation. I tried to reach him back

but one of his “”colleague”” who picked up the phone immideately informed me that James Hood is on vacation. I called over and over to the number “”Mr Hood”” provided me with. I To my shock it was an automated line with a very cheerful song. The song was about something like that “”your dream vacation is almost in your package””. I was hoping that someone will pick up the line. Instead for many hours

over and over I had to listen that automated song… All the time I dialed the number that was listed on the flyer but as soon as I tried to explain that I need to have my confirmation

I was immediately transfered back to the automated line with an endless song. My bank informed me that someone named “”GoTravel Bonita Juarez”” billed my card. Lana Brooklyn New York Tuesday