Richard Morgan posing as one of my friends on messenger, wanted me to apply for a phoney government grant. Upon calling my friend she verified that it was not her telling me about Richard Morgan as an agent who gave her $****** dollars, and that she saw my name on a winners list. Tried to go online to complain to Facebook about the scam and hacking on their messenger app, to no avail it is very unclear how to get in touch with them they give no contact phone numbers or email address. The bogus message was to call Richard Morgan at (408)713-5885 to get my claim started,and of course to pay a delivery charge. Once I sent a message back that I knew he wasn’t my friend the messaging stopped. My friend told me that others on her contact list were also recipients of the same message. I do still have the transcript of the messages fraudently sent to me pretending to be my friend, if your interested in seeing it.