My Complaint: This company has scammed hundreds of businesses out of their government registration (or system for award management registration). They have been lying to businesses and never return calls and have no refund policy once you have been tricked out of your several hundred dollars. This business owner has a past/recent criminal record and a long history of unlicensed telemarketing and scamming. They are posing as a legitimate third party registration firm but can not be found anywhere on the internet. I have managed to find the location of their business:

Mandy Bortz (manager) & Jason Jeffery Bortz (owner) [husband & wife]Federal Contracts USA LLC aka Government Contract Registration
19111 Vista Dr
APT 411
Indian Shores, FL 33785

Please do not be fooled and lose your money to these criminals. Go to this address listed above and present your compliant face to face. I have a feeling this company is already being indicted on federal charges for posing as the federal government to unsuspecting businesses. Do not fall into their trap. There company phone number is 1-855-313-7364.

I looked up their web address IP information and everything is listed private, I had to search for their business state by state in order to find a real location to this scam.

Jason Jeffery Bortz Arrested:…

Jason Jeffery Bortz Mugshot:…


My Demand: The business must be brought to justice and taken down and reported to the federal government